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About us

URETEK Baltic is the leading geopolymer soil improvement company in the Baltics. Our experienced team uses proprietary geopolymer resins and injection technology to provide non-disruptive geotechnical engineering solutions in many different areas of soil and foundation subsidence repair and structural support.

We are proud to be part of the URETEK family operating in 52 countries worldwide. This gives us a strong platform to exchange best practices and experiences in our industry, ensuring that we continue to achieve top-level customer service and successful project implementation.

The story of URETEK brand began in Finland in the 1970s, when two Finnish men, one of whom was a civil engineer and the other a chemist, were sitting on the porch in front of the house, drinking beer and looking at the neighbor’s subsided shed. It was not the roof or the walls that had collapsed, but the foundation – so the reason was in the soil. The men began to discuss whether there was any technology that would stabilize the soil and raise the building to its original height so that nothing would have to be demolished or dug up. That’s where the revolutionary idea came from – to stop the building from subsiding by injecting geopolymer resins that expands into the soil.

Since then, URETEK network has been growning significantly globally. To date, this technology has already been used in more than 200 000 successful major projects and countless private houses in the world. URETEK technology can be applied to soil stabilization in several different areas: residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, infrastructure, agricultural facilities and objects under heritage protection.

URETEK Baltic OÜ was established in 2015 to offer innovative geotechnical engineering solutions in the Baltic countries as well. URETEK technology had so far successfully proven itself globally and provided a strong platform to assume the role of a leader in the Baltics as a soil improvement company.

Our company team and partners include specialists and engineers with long-term experience who are the best in their field in the Baltics. The main goal of URETEK Baltic team is to be an expert partner and provide an excellent customer experience. In our daily work, we are convinced that we can only be successful if we create value for the customer.


Our mission is to be an expert, honest and reliable partner for the client. The various associations and unions we belong to and the certificates we have acquired are listed below:

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